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Our Story

Owners Yiannakis Papadouris and Alexa Papadouris with winemaker Victoras Finopoulos, smiling in the vineyards.

Who we are

John Papadouris had the vision to revive the viticulural heritage of the Marathasa valley.  Having spent his life working in construction, he applied his skills to acquiring abandoned vineyards, cutting terraces and constructing a winery.  His daughter, Alexa, spends her time turning that vision into reality by overseeing the business with her husband, Andrew and cousin, Stavros.  Victoras is our exceptionally talented viticulturist and winemaker.

Pride of a Valley

Every family tended vineyards

The steep mountainsides of Marathasa have been covered in vines for centuries, and each family from the nearby villages tended vines and made wine from indigenous grapes.

Most homes had a wine-press in the basement, where the grapes were trodden by foot.  As a boy, John had to tread the grapes before being allowed out to play!

Casale Panayiotis landscape
Marathasa vineyards

Family History

John’s grandfather was a wine-merchant who would choose the best wine from families in the village, pour it into leather wineskins, load them on his donkeys and travel all over Cyprus, walking the narrow trails to sell the popular Marathasa wine.  When people began to leave the mountain villages in the 1940s & 50s, in search of work in the cities and abroad, the mountain wine trade began a slow decline.

New beginnings

Reviving a viticultural heritage

In 2014, we began buying abandoned vineyards in the valley and have been able to keep some of the old vines to cultivate in the traditional way. On other plots, we have cut terraces into the steep mountainsides and planted new root-stock.

We are excited to be reviving the proud history of winemaking in the area and join the growing community of fine-wine producers in Cyprus.

marathasa winery view
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