Fine Cypriot wine

Revitalising the natural heritage of the Marathasa valley

A family’s commitment

…to the land and its communities. Our family’s vision is to see revived vineyards and thriving mountain villages in the Marathasa valley.  That’s why, from the first vine that we planted to the current day, we’re dedicated to cultivating vines and wines that give back. 

The valley flows in every bottle of our fine Cypriot wines. We only use our own Marathasa-grown grapes, hand-harvested, fermented and bottled at our award-winning winery .

Together we are revitalising the proud viticultural heritage of the Marathasa valley.

Reviving a way of life

From being the grandson of a wine merchant, to crushing grapes as a child, to the bottles of fine Cypriot wine he produces today, John Papadouris’ story with the Marathasa valley is rich and full of passion.

John’s love of Marathasa inspired him to revitalise the once bustling valley by re-planting abandoned vineyards around his childhood village of Kalopanayiotis, constructing an award-winning winery and breathing new life into the communities for whom wine was once the lifeblood.

All this to keep the vibrant history of Cypriot wine flowing proudly through the Marathasa valley.

Private Events

Incredible spaces for every kind of gathering.

Victoras Finopoulos winemaker walking
Our Vineyards

Learn more about the terroir and cultivars in this mountainous landscape.

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