Vines growing in the sun in marathasa

Our Vineyards

Homegrown in the valley

Grown on high-altitude, north-facing slopes up to 1125m, our vines are planted on steep, stony terraces, surrounded by native mountain plants and trees, so that the grapes develop the authentic aromas of the Marathasa valley, creating a delicious, one-of-a-kind complexity. 

So whether an international variety like Sauvignon Blanc or the native Xynisteri, each wine is distinctly Marathasa.

Pyrgos vineyards
Marathasa vineyards and mountains

Marathasa Terroir

The wines of Marathasa have always been prized for their superior quality because of the unique terroir; the high altitude, volcanic soil and diverse flora of the area.

A local name for the valley is Myrianthousa, meaning “a multitude of flowers”. This rich floral tapestry weaves its way into the vines, yielding wines with delicious aromas of the Cypriot countryside.

Grape Varieties

For our white wines, we grow the indigenous Xynisteri, a cultivar well-suited to the climate, producing wines reminiscent of the Cypriot countryside, with floral, citrus, herb and hay characteristics. The main international variety grown is the aromatic Sauvignon Blanc and we have small quantities of local Promara and Greek Moschofilero and Assyrtiko.

Our main international red is Syrah, which has found a new expression in Cyprus. It yields deep, full-bodied wines with an intense blackberry and blueberry bouquet, as well as spicy notes of black pepper and liquorice.  We are seeing some exciting results with the indigenous Iannoudi, yielding complex, elegant wines. Small quantities of Zinfandel, Grenache and Mattaro (Mourvèdre) have also been planted.

Victoras Finopoulos winemaker walking

Meet the winemaker

Victoras Finopoulos first discovered his love of wine in Hungary, growing up there as a child, which quickly turned into a fascination with the grapevine. He went on to train in Agronomy, Viticulture and Oenology in Montpelier and Bordeaux, before working on harvests in Alentejo, Portgual; Chablis, France and Marlborough, New Zealand.

He is a strong believer in having constant sensory contact with the wine and the vines – tasting the wine regularly and visiting the same plot of vineyards throughout the day to understand how those vines respond to varying conditions, such as the morning dew or midday heat.

Winemaker in Marathasa Wines Victoras Finopoulos with marathasa's barrels

 Marathasa Wines is not just about making and selling wine; it is part of a broader vision, to revive mountain village communities and the surrounding vineyards.

You can still see abandoned vineyards – many almost a century old – with old stone walls, overgrown by the forest, but scattered grapevines still survive.

It is very fulfilling to be able to bring life again to these historic mountain vineyards

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